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Cleaning Trany Filter

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Hi, I just joined ad apologize if this is in the wrong section but this one makes the most sense i guess. I have a 90 D21 and am replacing the auto tranny on it. For whatever reason i've ordered a few tranny filters and the wrong one always comes in. Is there a way to clean the old one out and just use it? The tranny from the junk yard specificaly called for a new filter but maybe thats just a general recommendation cause it looked alright to me. I'd rather just get a new one but its proving difficult. Thanks.

-Steve, 90 D21
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If you're going to reuse the old filter, use some lacquer thinner to clean the screen as long as it's not excessively dirty. It's the metal particles that have to be cleaned from the filter; if they get into the valve body, problems could occur. Also make sure the O-ring is in good condition.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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