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I was thinking of cleaning my engine of gunk and spilled oil. Was wondering what you guys would sudgest I use to clean the dang thing. How should I go about it? I believe that I have a leak from the valve cover gasket so i will be replacing that after cleaning the outside. Any tips on what solvent to use? Product i should look for? I have the local RS Strauss, Autobarn and Pep Boys near so... please help.


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LittlebittaContact said:

covor all your electrical (distributor, fusible link box ect.)
Don't forget the alternator. That would be an expensive mistake!!!

May be a little late but...

there are some products that are electrical, plastic and rubber parts friendly.

I've used a couple, both bio-degradable which is very pleasing too.

You got to be carefull when rinsing it though.

p.s. Whatch you eyes and skin.

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