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Hi live in the UK and have just bought a new Xtrail and have been researching in this forum about problems/issues/suggestions from other members..

it seems cleaning the Xtrail can be tricky and certain products can cause problems to interior of car instrument panels , sat nav screen etc therefore please can you tell me how you clean your following items and the products you use..

Interior of car :

Instrument panels like speedometer etc
Door panels
SatNav screen - clean fingerprints off WITHOUT damaging the screen protective coating.
Sat nav Screen prevent fingerprints
Any other areas that require specific cleaning products

Exterior of car

Bodywork - have had MER rcmd do you agree ?
Door step
any other areas that need special care or attention

Many Thanks in advance for your help


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Cleaning your X Trail should not cause damage/harm to parts of your vehicles if using quality automotive products. For the plastics inside, dash, door cards etc, just use a damp microfibre cloth with interior shampoo, glass cleaner for the glass and a dry microfibre with no products for the SatNav screen. Outside can be cleaned with a shampoo with wax conditioner (Autoglym do a very good one). As for polishing, I recommened Super Resin Polish also by AG. To preserve the durability of the polish, I'd also recommend using the Liquid Hard wax after the polish. This will give the paint colour a bit more depth and shine too.
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