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Hey everyone,

I stumbled across this site looking into the Nav Hack for my 08 Pathfinder LE. Looks like a GREAT site, and I'm sure it'll be useful in the years to come.

I'm in the AF (16+ years) stationed in Montana. I just got my 2008 Pathfinder LE on Monday after waiting a month for it (had to order it). Bought it to replace my total piece of crap Land Rover LR3. If you're interested in reading why I think it's junk, you can read my posts in an LR forum HERE and then continues on HERE.

Anyway, our other vehicle is a 99 Altima. It has over 180,000 miles on it and has NEVER needed a major repair of any sort! Just the standard maintenance. So that reliability led me to buy a Pathfinder to replace the LR3. I have 3 kids (14, 9, & 3) and we refuse to own a mini van (lol).

Oh yeah, and like the screen name says, I love to whitewater kayak.

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