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Driving up Loop 12 yesterday, I rolled in some power at low boost (14 psi) in third gear and heard a big "bang" as my engine hit the rev limiter. :eek: Sure enough, third gear was now empty space as it blew apart. I was able to get the car back over to the shop, so I will be driving my slow (by comparison to the Max) 996 Carrera for a while. What is strange is it blew at just 14 psi (wastegate only) and has been fine when I have run it up to 22 psi.

New Year's Resolution:

Build a gearbox to match the motor. The transmission is coming out and going to Taylor Race Engineering next week. If anyone has a hookup on Quaife, PPG or PAR gearsets; let me know.:thumbup:

It is not all bad as I was going to have to go into the transmission anyways. We knew the car was too gear limited to run the Texas Mile in March, so I was going to have to upgrade to a taller 5th gear (Altima). It just means I have to upgrade sooner than later.


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