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Hey Guys,
As some of you may know, I got my Sport Coupe back on the road.
After a 50 mile trip one way, my check engine light came on. I pulled
over, checked the car out and nothing seemed to be wrong with it.
At all. I drove home (another 50 miles), let it sit for a couple hours
and then started it back up. Check engine light is still on. I would
bet my left leg that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car.
It drives fine, sounds fine, all the fluids are tip-top. Runs like a champ.
She has 162,000 miles on her and I remember my glorified Civic (CRX)
doing the exact same thing at the exact same mileage.

My questions are -

Has anyone else had their check engine light come on for no reason?

Do they come on after a certain mileage?

Is there a way to "hotwire" a diagnostic code like I used to do to my Celica?

Is there a way to shut the Check Engine light off?

Is there something I'm missing or over-looking?

Again - She sounds fine, runs fine, smells fine...runs like new.

Thanks in advance. You guys rule. I'm so damn happy to be back in
my Sport Coupe.

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Okay, I did some research and pulled my codes.
I'm getting 3 reds and 2 Greens - 32. EGR Function.

The car runs fine except for today. The idle sucks.
But it drives fine and sounds fine.

The problem is - I know nothing about the EGR. My
symptoms all fit, though. It's a rough idle, jumping
around from 1000 rpm to 500/700 and seeming like
it's going to stall at that point. It doesn't but gets
really rough. My plugs, wires, cap are all fine.

Does anyone have a diagram of what I need to screw
around with? I just bought a bunch of crap for her so
the repair manual is out of the question right now. I
looked on Autozone's site and can't find anything for
the EGR.

Any help would be appreciated.
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