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Cheapest SE-R?

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How much did you pay for your SE-R?

Please include cost, year, miles, type. Thanks ya'll!

Mine was $2000, 1994, 120k, B13 Sentra
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I sold my se-r last spring 1993 black 113k all options stock second owner i put in a newer 96 trans. for $2200
got mine for 765, its a 91 pos se-r with a bad engine, i just bought it for the shell really for my gti'r swap but i see them allll the time for 12 - 16 hundred
paid $1800 for mine
$150.00 91 SE-R with 127,000 miles.
Front end was damaged, all asthetic...engine and tranny were fine.
'97 200SX SE-R (b14 SR20DE) 5 spd. White. Every option but intermittent wipers, 88,000 miles, extremely clean, had some paint touch up done there (rock chips), clean vehicle history, clean car fax, one previous owner, never wrecked no major mecahnical failiures, clean on inspection (done by my techs), everything works, nothing broken, no body damage, just bought it two weeks ago today, $4800 out the door at the dealer I work for.
yall suck, i paid $3200 for mine 2 yrs ago w/117k, 91 SE-R
got rid of tha' GA16 sentra and picked up a 91 se-r with 153K miles for 1500$...damn near perfect condition
last march got my 92 se-r for 2,000 . it says 133 miles but i believe its lower now. because i have a 92 nx2000 swap in it dint look att the miles at the salvage but it has great compression and runs great.
1995 200sx 160k $1,000 greatest deal of my life, had brand new tires breaks and clutch
I feel like an ass, I payed 7,000 for my 96 200sx SE-R with 74k on it. it came from the dealer and I,m still paying on. But so far three years and no serious damange or big repairs.(knock on wood)
got my 95 200sx se-r for $3400. everything was dents, no paint scratch or anything...brand new low profile yokohoma tires...had 103k on it..motor was very clean..interior was perfect no tears..xept for the driver side sun visor...thats about it
93 SE-R..$600 It has a new clutch and tranny 110k , interior perfect but it needed a new frount clip. $500 later it was fixed. I just need a paint job.
'92 SE-R
-186,000 miles
-new clutch
-newish tranny(only 70k on it)
-new headlights and bumper (refurbishement after minor front end collision)
-needed new muffler
-rusted rocker panels and right rear fender (duh, it's chicago)

asking price was $2,500, i got it down to $1,600. i've only had to do some minor repairs since i got it a year ago, including fixing the rust.
95 se-r 117K
purple :loser:
no sunroof
some front end damage

93 SE-R 0000.00$ 178K

Gotta love older brothers that are married w/ children.
white 1992 SE-R with 205,000 +/- for $1995 on July 3, 2002

engine blew one month later.
'92 SE-R with 149,000 miles and a system for $900. Picked it up last week
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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