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In Cabin Air Filter

Im new to this thread but it looks like the perfect place to get (and give) information regarding the X-trail.

Anyway, I just past 1 year with my X-trail (and very happy with it), and just took it in for the 24K Maintenance, and the dealer pointed out a few items that need attention.

One is the In Cabin Air filter, which they want $100.00 canadian for. I found out that the Air filter is the same as that for an Altima, which can be found online for approx. $30 Canadian.

I don't have a repair manual (although am currently looking for one), so i dent really know where the air filter is. Does anyone here know if its in an easy-to-get-to location, or is it something I should just let the dealership take care of?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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