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24K Checkup....

Hi everyone,

Well I had my 24k inspection and ion all cost me before taxes $365.74

They did the following;

24K Maintenence Package (Inspection)
Fuel Cleaner
Mobil 1 5W30 Synthetic Oil (Took my coupon for free oil change just charged me for the differnce in price.. not an issue as others had)
Greased the car
Flashlight kit thrown in (Promotion)
Serviced front and rear brakes (36% remain on both)
Installed and balanced 4 Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Winter Tires.. already on Nissan Rims. (I tested them at 140K on Highway for a few moments... no wobble or pull.. straight as an arrow)
Changed Cabin Microfilter
Adjusted HandBrake
Tigtened loose name plate on Engine was making some noise.

Brought it in at 7:30am (had loaner Sentra ready for me) ready at 3:00pm, talked with Serge re Rogers order and had to correct it, wrong part ordered, will return on Wednesday to pick it up. Besides that stil in excellent service. I was asked about all my accessories especially the lighted sills...

With what has happed to me this past weeks and my son (Final Checkup on Wednesday) as well my wife going to give birth any day now... I wish I had time to change my own filter but I did not and what they charged me in total.. I am not complaining...

Metro Nissan in Lasalle has been top notch service for many years and I am very happy with them.

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