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Is there anything I should know? I have the guide but it doesn't say much of how to get the belt back on there or much in the way of anything other than the basics - which is about what I would expect. The torque guides on this are also kind of throwing me off so I'm not sure what to make of those. It also says to remove the front/right engine undercover with power tools - are they talking about just using an electric drill or something else?

This is pretty much my first repair and first time under this car so this is more or less unfamiliar territory.

Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: Stuff that would be useful, duh...

it's an 02 2.5

Edit edit: Also, I've never put this car on jacks before so I'm lost there too - I guess I have to learn how to do all of this at some point right? Do I jack it up from the front/middle where it shows the 'garage jack point' and then put the stands under the safety stand points? I mean that would make sense but I'm not sure if it's right because this is a mechanics guide and not a DIY guide...maybe I should get one of those.
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