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Let me first start off saying that I no nothing about cars, but I am learning along the way. I own a 2005 Sentra Special Edition. The warranty on my car ran out earlier this year, and every since then I've been trying to do things myself or taking it to a local mechanic since the dealer is out of the question!

I recently took my car to the local treadquarters for some new back tires. They told me that my air filter in my engine needs to be replaced and it was so dirty that it was black as the jacket I was wearing. He said it would cost $32.99 to replace it. I declined and told him I would think about it.

I researched online and it seemed like it was an incredibly easy fix to replace the air filter myself. So this morning and went out and found the plastic housing for the air filter. I pryed open all four latches and could only raise the plastic cover up put so far. Apparently there are some other hoses and what not keeping it from opening up all the way (is this normal for the sentra?).

I peaked in and saw the filter (paper accordian type) and it was beige or yellow in color with NO sign of dirt whatsoever. It looks brand new. I could only see the top of it, so now I am confused. Is there another air filter the mechanic could have been talking about? Would the dirt show under the filter? (as I could only see the top). And even if I were to replace it, it wouldn't be possible as I can't open the plastic cover up but so much, unless I slide it out, but then I don't want to break or mess something up.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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