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Hi folks, newbie here. Yes, I did use the Search, but didn't find an answer to what I am looking for, so no dog-piles!

My mom has a 96 Sentra XE automatic, while coming up to a light this afternoon with the a/c on, the engine almost died, then started running again. She turned off the a/c, and the problem stopped happening. When she got home, she noticed the CEL light on. Any ideas? Car has about 42K on it, had a minor tune up (plugs, fluids) at about 30K. No other problems.

Also, noticed lately that the front end has a rattle. The alignment shop says the tie-rod ends are shot. Is this typical? Any TSB's out there that address this? Any chance of a out-of-warranty repair from Nissan?

Thanks in advance for the help. I am a frequent visitor of, never thought to look for the same thing for Sentra's, which is how I got here. Lot's of good info.

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it's hard to tell, any recent upgrades/changes? Might want to check the computer codes. I cant remember what the codes stand for (except for 55 which means "all ok").

once you look up the codes, you need to go under the center console (foot area) and pull out the ECU, then you turn a screw on the outside and the CEL will flash out the code for what's wrong.
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