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lshadoff said:
P0135 is a fault in the front heated oxygen sensor heater
P0141 is a fault in the rear heated oxygen sensor heater

This is usually due to a faulty heater and the sensor must be replaced.

It is possibly a fault in the connector. The best way to check this is to disconnect and reconnect which will cure a corroded connector. Then wait for four driving cycles (start up cold and drive until the car warms up). If the fault is gone, the Check Engine will go out. In your case, you should have it checked since there are two faults.

Thanks Lew,

Let me share some background: This past weekend i upgraded my exhaust system and header - from stock to HS header/Stromung. I kept the old sensors.. because i got no CEL.. but after installation.. i did get the CEL. I made sure that when i extended teh wiring for the rear sensor that everything is okay.. There is a very slight rip/opening in the wiring on the front sensor.. also.. if the sensor fell on the ground.. could that fuck it up?

I didn't do shit to these's pissing me off.. i know i'm running rich.. i can smell it.


PS.. the error code also says something like.. error in bank 1, etc.. what's that referring to?
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