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Cat back exhaust question.

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Hi all, have a problem and hope I can get some help.

I want to get a Cat-back exhaust but don't know which one to pick up.

They have ones from Greedy, Nismo (a tad on the expensive side), Magnaflow, Vibrant (Duel tipped, three inch outlets, not bad, looks stock from afar).

Anybody have any suggestions which would give me the most gains? I am kind of pushing towards Magnaflow but still am undecided.

Any help would be great and thanks in advance!
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Ok, i'm going to just skip over the subject of diameter and ask a good one.....

Is there a huge gain differnece between a custom job and buying a prefabbed one (except for mandrel bends)?

I can't see there being a huge difference.
I mean I ordered my resonator and muffler off of the web, took it to my local muffler shop (who has done work for me and a fellow 3rd Gen) and he put in custom, non mandrel bent pipe. It goes straight back to the muffler, a very slight bend, but no where to bog down at all.
NickZac said:
I doubt their is a huge difference but mandrel bent is generally better than crush bent. The only way to tell is on a dyno. IIRC you have a header so I am going to guess your car is VERY loud, even with the resonator.

Loud as hell. Doesn't bother me in the cabin, but I hate how it sounds outside the car. But thats neither here nor there. I'd love to quiet it down, but I dont think dynomat works in exhaust pipes.

I could see where mandrel bends would work with a few curves and zig zags, but mine doesn't have any....

As you can see, the one turn that it does have isn't very severe.


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1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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