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Cat back exhaust question.

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Hi all, have a problem and hope I can get some help.

I want to get a Cat-back exhaust but don't know which one to pick up.

They have ones from Greedy, Nismo (a tad on the expensive side), Magnaflow, Vibrant (Duel tipped, three inch outlets, not bad, looks stock from afar).

Anybody have any suggestions which would give me the most gains? I am kind of pushing towards Magnaflow but still am undecided.

Any help would be great and thanks in advance!
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NickZac said:
if your more serious about gains go for 2.5 inch piping. i like the stromung best for sound. i have a 2.5 inch vrs with magnaflow muffer and i am very happy with the split between cost, sound and performance.
How much did that set-up cost you and thanks for the input!
chimmike said:
they're all going to be about the same in terms of gains.

with that said, please search around for the they've already been clearly discussed numerous times.
I had pretty much thought they would all be about the same as far as gains go. I looked around and really came up with what I was already questioning myself about. Everyone has a preference I guess. Thanks for the help.
NickZac said:
VRS sells the 2.5 for $320...I got mine a good bit less from Stemar Motorsports though.

Thank you sir, thank you very much.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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