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Well, I guess that I am stupid then cause I went to check it out. I took my GT-R and they are very interested in it. I would say that around 400 cars were there and 75% of them were really well done cars. Many of them were not my style (road racing), but HIN cars with all the bling bling sh*t. Funny that the only other Nissan's were late model Altima's. No sentra's of Z's at all.

You guys are missing one point about cars, it's a piece of metal that is worth money to someone else. If you have a huge sentimental attachment to your car, it is only you that that has the attachent to the car and you won't get any extra money for it. When you insure your car it is for market replacement value, sentimentality doesn't count unless you pay a huge premium to cover it.

Think about it, if your car got run over by a steamroller tomorrow, what would you do? I would be plenty pissed, but I would go out and buy another one and start over.

If they want to offer me $20k+ to have my car for 6 months, then thats a bunch of money to pay off debt and buy more mods when the car comes back. I will reserve final judgement until I see the terms of a contract.
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