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carbon buildup?

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i ran at the strip tonight and my friend said while i was making my pass i had black smoke coming out of my tailpipe when i would shift. he's pretty knowledgable about cars and said it was probably carbon buildup. is this the reason or could there be other alternatives? he also told me to put some 110 octane race fuel in and it would burn off the deposits. any help is appreciated.
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so it probably wouldn't be carbon buildup on my pistons? i dont see how that could happen though, since ive always used 93 octane. the 110 octrane gas is $3 a gallon or 3.99 a really wouldnt matter if it did anything to my converter though...since we don't have emissions tests in SC. i will give the fuel system cleaner a shot first before i spend an ungodly amount on gas.
alright guys..i'm going to use the combustion chamber cleaner tomorrow since it's my day off. i posted the same question on the sentra performance mailing list and someone said the black smoke could be caused by my car running very rich. what is everyone's opinions on this? just trying to get as many possibilities for the problem as i can. thanks.

thanks, yes it makes perfect sense to me. especially since no one has ever told me about the black smoke until that night when i tried seeing what my time was by shifting off of the rev limiter.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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