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I have been having the same problem for a long time. I installed a red top sr20det into my 240sx. I have been having an idle problem and running problem since I did it. The car starts perfectly, but its idle is off. It misses at idle. Then when I go to drive the car. It drives fine until I go WOT. Then it is missing a lot of power and is missing throughout the rev range. When idling vacuum is at 20 and compression is 150 across all cylinders. I tried replacing the TPS, but I dont know if it is the right one. It reads all the correct voltage. I first got the codes for the MAF and the CAS so replaced both. Now there are no codes but it still doesnt run right. I have a front mount intercooler and a HKS blow off valve. Any ideaas would really help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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