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I have a bit of a problem with my car after installing a remote starter. I have a 2000 sentra gxe and I installed a Boa remote start. OK so i put it in which was a pain but i got it all working. A few days after i put it in i lost my turn signal and emergency flashers. Turned out to be a fuse. no problem changed it. but since then i keep blowing fuses randomly. it was good for awhile but the other day my dash and radio went out of course in a snow storm on my way home from work. Well i didn't think it would be a problem not having a dash on the way home considering i didn't hit the gas the whole way home. The car ran fine for about an hour but then started to sputter and as i coasted to the shoulder died. Nothing worked. checked all the fuses and the METER fuse was blown. Changed it and the car started ran fine except the radio doesn't work anymore. the next day same thing dash goes out and car dies.

so the problem is i keep blowing the turn signal fuse, dash fuse (METER), and the radio is dead. I've checked all the connections 10 times cant find anything and i've run out of ideas. I even unplugged the unit but still seem to be blowing fuses.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me. I love the remote starter but i can deal with these problems.
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