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You can check the EGR by connecting a vaccum pump to it, pump it up and you should notice a drop in RPM and seeming as though it may die. Release the vaccum you pulled and it should return to normal. If so, EGR is fine.
Also, I would'nt wast the time or money on O2 sensors as Ive never seen one actually kill a motor before, cause it to run very rich or lean...yes but not kill it. In which case shooting some carb cleaner into the intake while running will give you a fair idea. Just a little shot, not much. An increase in RPM indicates a lean mixture and a decrease indicates a rich mixture.
Most often than not on problems arising when it gets hot, I usually find electrical problems. A weak connection may have circuit when it's cold but as it gets hot, expansion occurs and breaks circuit.
Good luck!
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