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First time on this forum. I did a search but could not find any info that I think can help me.

I have a 2002 Sentra GXE. I have the SES light on for O2 sensor. I was driving my car yesterday on the freeway and I lost power, engine cut off. I safely pulled over and had battery power, all lights worked but engine will not start. Road Ranger pulled over to make sure I was OK and had me try to start the car while he looked into the engine via the add oil cover. He said something was turning (camshaft?) so the timing chain was not the culprit per him. Tow truck driver said that post were dirty and alternater was not charging the battery. When I got home the car started. I cleaned the post and took it to Auto store to get battery tested. Battery checked fine according to kid from Advanced Auto, battery held above 12.8 he said that anything over 12.5 was fine. Car would not start again. Tried a couple of times and car finally stated and drove back home. Had code read and got P0430 catalyst effeciency below threshold bank 2 and P0335 crankshaft position A circuit malfunction.

Would replacing that crankshaft sensor solve my issue? What would cause my car to lose power and have difficulties starting? Also tow truck driver said that car lost battery power because the gear shift got stuck and had to use key in the small slot to put car into nuetral.

I need your advise/help due to not trusting mechanics in my area. I took the car three times to the Nissan dealer for two other issues and they never fixed my issues and had to take the car back for same problem multiple times.

Sorry for the long post but I thought you needed this info to Trouble shoot. Thanks in advance.
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