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for your turn signals or tail lights or whereever you want to put them?

i know i'm prolly not the only one that wants some of these things, but i don't want to make them, mainly i'm not confident in my skills, but i found a site, where u can tell them what items u want to see made, and u can tell them ur interest level

Use this link and decide which priority you wish to place on these:

High: You want these produced for yourself
Medium: You want these produced with a group buy of 2 or more ppl and would give a down payment.
Low: You would definatly buy these if they were produced.

Also keep in mind that once we have 5 "mediums", the lens get automaticly produced once we get the 5 down payments. Products will require alot of "low" requests to ever get done, and even then it goes at the bottom of our list.
For Z31 owners - scroll down till you see the two i started one is for clear turn signals 84-89, the other is for clear tail lights 87-89, theres also one for 84-86 tail lights

they also have alot of stuff for 240z's 260z's and 280z's

check it out!! lets get some of this stuff made so we can make our cars our own!!

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Hell even you guys that don't own Z's tell them you want them;) Then just don't buy em. This would be awesome.
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