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i cant decide if i should get headers or rims for my 200sx
i just wanted to know what you would do
please some answers
for me it would be headers, but it depends which rims with wich tyres, and what u have atm. Like when original it has 13inch rims i think (correct me if im wrong) if u put 15 inch ull notice a big loss of power but also a high gain of grip (depending on the tyre u choose). With the headers its just more power overall and a nicer sound, also if u put a perfromance exhaust and a cold air intake filter it will work togethere giving u a little more power out of everything, but then again if u are running slim 13s with lots of power it will handle awfull and it could actually be dangerous. Sooo to put it in short, ask yourself what do u want. Looks and grip, at the cost of power. or better performance overall and a little nicer sound with practically no bad points. Hope i helped:)
btw... if u decide for the headers, just wait for the day that u port that head..., if done right ur looking at a very BIG increase of power thxs to the headers and other intake exhaust related mods.
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