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Hello to one and all, as you can see from the posts I have I am a newbie to this forum.

I need some advise, I am not able to make up my mind on what car to get since I am in the market for one.

Recently visited a Nissan dealer and was very impressed with the spec-v 2003. But from reading the forums in here I have come to believe that the engine is not reliable. I may be wrong but I have read alot of owners in here or friends from here have replaced their engines due to oil burning. Has this been fixed with the new 2003. I have asked the salesman about this and he said he never herd of this issue. Makes me wonder is he hiding info or is he just a new salesman for Nissan.

There is also the acura RSX type s I am looking at but the price range is way to high for me full equiped is just over 35 grand. I know Acura makes very good cars but the price is way to much.

And second question is if I do deide to get the Sentra is it work the evatr 3 grand for the spec-v package or should I go for 10 horses less with no abs.

Well that's it for now I hope I can get non bias opinions on this.

Just thought I would mention never owned an import and non have been in my family wither always had a GM. I know doesn't have anything to do with this topic but though I would put it in.
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