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The small Tim Horton's coffee cup is too wide at the top to sit properly in the X-Trail's dashboard cupholder. The cupholder's flip-up lid interferes with the lid on the cup, so the cup sits with a rearward tilt.

If the driver accelerates while said small cup is full of coffee, and the tear-away opening of the cup is facing towards the rear of the vehicle, unpleasantness may occur.

You may find yourself uttering foul language while swabbing the louvers of your ventilation duct with a Q-Tip. You may also find yourself grinding your teeth as you wipe up the inside of the cupholder and the entirety of the dashboard in proximity of the cupholder.

NOTE: it is of extreme importance in the event of a Tim Horton's / X-Trail cupholder mishap, that you do NOT blame your wife for placing her cup thusly in the cupholder. Doing so will only lead to amplification of the aforementioned unpleasantness.
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