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Ok, I bought this 2006 Xterra with about 38k miles on the clock a couple months ago. It wasn't until it was really sunny out that I noticed this white "flim" that is hard to capture in photos (I tried anyhow as you will see below), almost looks like a dried wax and behaves like it as well...

For example, this stuff seems to have discolored most of my dash board but it can be seen on other surfaces as well, especially around the cracks, etc. When I scrub the stuff on the cracks, where it is more built up and not just a discoloration, it crumbles/flakes like a buildup of wax.

That being said I have this on my seat, which almost clearly is paint:

I can't get that off the seat either but I was thinking, maybe this is paint then. But to be honest it would almost have to be like a paint can exploded in the front, because it's in the cracks all along the window where the rubber meets the plastic (see below) you see in the pic below, but I was actually able to use a rough bristle brush and get that off.

Below is a picture right under the center console controls, my finger is pulling the plastic back so you can see into the crevice, there is that white stuff flaked up again (if I had something sharp, like a dental pick, I could scrape it off):

Here are two pictures, the first is next to the cup holders on the passenger side, you can sort of see the drip, the second picture is on the plastic side backing of the passenger seat.

Here is a picture of this piece under the center console/radio, you can kind of see where it is discolored when the sun hits it:

This last picture is an overall so you can kinda see how it discolors my dash.

My first thought was this was previously a work truck that they hauled paint in. And while that might be the case, unless you have seen this before and can verify this behaves like spilled paint, I just don't think that's what it is. Paint I have seen will come off almost in chunks, this crumbles like wax or something else.

Is there anything I can use that is super strong (I have tried basic interior cleaners, goo gone type products, etc) that won't damage the plastic but will take any foreign substance off?

If the parts are ruined, anyone know where I can order things like a new glove box door, etc on the cheap?
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