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just wondering if a b13 speedometer cable can fit in a 12?

my speedometer broke last weekend, god i though my engine blew up or something becuase the speedometer went to a 90 to 0. i pulled to the side and checked on the engine.

the engine was running fine then it hit me, my speedometer cable broke so i checked it and there it was.

now my problem is i cant seem to find a speedometer cable like my stock one. al they have are for B13's will this fit in my B12?

hope ou guys can help.


im also planning to convert my guage into indiglo's maybe you can give me tips too

thanks again.........B11, B12 lovers

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That's a strange one indeed, but there's a possibilty it just may fit. I would suggest taking your instrument cluster to the yard you're purchasing the cable from and see if the spedometer side of the b13's cable fit into your speedometer. If you can source a pulsar witht he same family of engines, then there you have it. I think it will work, but take the instrument cluster with you as a precautionary measure.

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I doubt they are interchangable bacause the transmissions and the cluster are different. Might still fit but I don't think it will.

BTW checkout the forums at They are a Phillipines based Nissan website. Someone there MUST know where to get a speedo cable.
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