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Ok, so I know the topic of the SR swap legality is very common and there's alot of threads already asking about it... I have done some research and I know now that the SR20det engine is technically illegal in all 50 states due to emission, but California is the only state that enforces it.

I also know that the engine could pass the sniffer test with a catalytic converter or tuning but will definately NOT pass the visual inspection (unless of course the inspector is payed/is a friend etc).
But in that case the car is still not street legal.

(If I'm wrong, please correct me.)

What I havn't seen anywhere on the internet and what I'd like to know is what are the California PENALTIES for having an SR engine in a 240sx.
I've heard it could be a fine, I've heard they impound your car, and I've also heard they crush it?!

If anyone has had experience with the police in Southern Cali specifically, please share your story.
But more importantly, can anyone tell me what they'd do to my 240 if I'm caught with an SR engine.
Also, what is the likelihood or odds that I will get caught with this engine driving it daily?

Anything at all is greatly appreciated. :]

And on a side note so you know where I'm coming from, I plan on getting an s13 hatch and I am interested in doing the SR swap with turbo after being in the passenger seat of one of these beasts. I want to do several mods but I'm trying to decide if the engine swap's benefits over the KA engine outweigh the risks of having it.
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