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hey wuts up, let me tell you about my situation i have an 89 nissan hardbody ka24e except it is from california and the problem i am having is i have a dream to make this truck a certain way simple as this. nismo high comp pistons itbs and a straight pipe, maybee even some cam work? PROBLEM IS my truck has cali emissions dual fire plugs and coolant running through the intake makin this a big problem, cant find a flange to make itbs let alone parts for anything else. so i guess my question does anyone no if the head is compatible with anything or am i goinna have to crush my dream with an sr20 swap. please help i have been looking too long and all i want is my ka24e original. i will be posting up pictures as soon as i get a chance. as all of you are my new best friend and i want to share this dilemma so no one else ever has this problem.
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