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i recently installed a hotshot cold air intake on my 99 sentra se. at first it was running ok. after a couple runs my car began to get drag when i would try to accelerate and it would sometimes fall on its face. also the check engine light came on. i was informed that i need to play with the throttle so that the gas/air mixture could adjust. i did that and that solved that problem. it no longer was having any touble to accelerate. however, the check engine light never came off. i tried to do an ecu diagnostic myself to see if anything else was wrong but the code that flashed meant that the ecu did no know what was wrong?
at first when hotshot sent me the parts for the cold air i figured out that one of the vacuum hoses was the wrong size. one of them was too big, so i went to a local shop and just got a replacement to fit until i can get hotshot to get me the right one. i think that i might still have a vacuum leak though...when i decelerate i smell a sulfer/gun powder smell...the only thing that i could think that would create that would be a vacuum link??? let me know what you guys think.
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i would say that you have a vacuum leak on the intake after the maf, unmetered air is bad. I would also check the maf sensor harness and make sure it wasn't damaged and check that the maf has a proper ground. you can read up oin this at

Brent Meints
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