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Despite the fact that rain shouldn't cause enough water to get sucked into the intake I was paranoid at the sight of the red dye fading due to it getting wet during heavy rains and driving, I don't see the dye I have a hard time thinking the oil is still there (I'm sure I'm not right here but better safe than sorry imo, hehe) and made a nifty little cover out of a paint bucket and some anodized aluminum strapping used to shore up pipes in your basement/crawlspaces and made a very sturdy shield that gives about 1 inch breathable space all the way around with 3 quarter inch holes in the bottom corner of the bucket to relieve any built up water (tested it repeatedly, worked quite well and the way the bucket is situated I was able to fill it with 4 cups of water before it even touched the filter anyway). The great side effect of this is road debris has little chance of harming the filter or punching holes in it with it in place too.
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