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Im ready to buy a CAI for my baby =]

Im having trouble deciding which one to go with

AEM or the Hotshot


Please help

Thanx in advance!

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did you guys have a dyno chart for just the CAI (hotshot)...? if i remember right there was a HS header done first, was'nt that on the car you did the CAI on? dose HS have a dyno sheet for just the CAI?

Edit: Brain fart, just checked. there was no dyno sheet on either site... when in NPM planning on taking the car to the dyno? or have you already? same question still applies was it just a CAI on the car or did it have the header?

sorry for the stupidity,
--- Scott

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Thanx for the info guys

I would like to see some dyno tests, but if not
I'll probably go with the hotshot

since the AEM is missing a coupler and is not exactly "made" for the spec v model.

Thanx again

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what about injen?

what would you prefer out of the three

im more leanient toward the hotshot right now..

anyone tried both or all three?

info would be greatly appreciated

thanx guys
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