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Cabstar body parts

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Hi, new to the group, I'm in Europe and have difficulties fing body parts, my cabstar is rusty and I need some panels for the cab, does anyone know where I can buy any parts?
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Go to some big auto parts cities or see if there are second-hand ones online.
Unfortunately I have tried that and I can't even find them from Nissan main dealers, short of physically going to Nissan and asking I am coming up short. I have been given a guy's email address and he says he doesn't have picture but if I send him $300 he will send them out to me. Does anyone here know Jon Snow? is he reputable?
Hi @LordJames
Nice to talk you.Are you looking best auto body parts stores that carry panels compatible with your Cabstar. Firstly you have ensure that the panels meet quality standards and are designed to fit your specific model.Also have a look on best car parts and contact us for further information.
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