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Do I need a MAF when swaping it into my b12. If so does anyone know where to get one.
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It'll need a MAF. I would suggest trying the CA18DE MAF from a USDM Pulsar.

That is correct, Nismodriver! You can use the AFM from a 1988 nissan pulsar SE w/1.8 DOHC motor and it is good for about 14psi of boost before you start leaning out and Tah-Tah CA18. I know because I've been there and don't want to do it again.
I was just wondering if you could get a CA18de turbo to go into the new QG18de?
I wouldn't put a ca18de in place of the QG18 because the performance you gain will be only in the ability to rev. Not worth it... If you were thinking SR20DET or CA18DET I would say the easiest swap for you will be the SR20DET. The CA18DET is not impossible, but there will be some welding and I would strongly recommend a stand alone system as your car is way too modern to adapt anything from the N13 pulsar. Not worth it, but that's just my opinion. You would have to have a loving desire for the motor to go that route and if you do, I would call you "Mr. CA18" .;)
I didnt want to swap engines, rather I was curious as to see if I could use the CA18DE aftermarket parts on my QG18DE....Ive been looking and there arent many options when it comes to parts for my car. I have been looking at a swap in gereral but dont have the time or money yet.
Usually parts from different series of engines (GA, QG, SR, CA) are not interchangable

I'm also having problems finding an ECU for the CA18DET, so does anyone know where to get one or can I use the CA18DE ECU?
I have a JWT programmed pulsar ECU to be used with a Nissan MAxima's AFM if you're interested. I'll give you good deal on the ECU and AFM package. If interested email me off list..........
The CA18DE ecu will cost you a motor (Guaranteed). Been there, done that twice and will never do it again. It will run, but it will detonate at even 5 psi............
Hey boostboy, You mentioned using a CA18DE ECU with the turbo will cost you an engine? Is it possible though to reprogram the non turbo CA ECU to use it for the DET? Like ECU from the Pulsar 88-89. Also is it true that the older CA16DE intake cam has a longer duration and higher profile than the CA18DE intake cam? What they said is that the CA16 intake cam will benefit the CA18 especially the turbo at the top end, with no bottom end lose. Can you shed some light to this? Thanks!!!
First things first, the CA18DE ECU is mapped for a high compression motor and no matter how much you try and fool it with all the fancy piggy back systems, you will get got in the end. However, the CA18DE ECU is reprogrammable and can be done by JWT for a nice price of $595.00 and can be programmed to suit other AFM's. They could not get the ECU to failsafe w/ the COBRA's MAF so don't think about it. Contrary to what you've read or have been told, the CA18DE's cam actually has a slightly higher lift than the CA16DE's. Their journals #'s 1-4 are exactly the same diameter. Botht the CA16 and CA18's cams are an upgrade for the CA18DET.
i hate to be the late bloomer so to speak but exactlly what does a ca18de(t) come standard in. i havent the foggiest idea waht it could of come in. 200, 240,280 maybe?
Bluebird attessa SSS
180sx, sylvia, austerTT(twin turbo) and the bluebird attessa 4wd (which is the motor I use).
boostboy, So you are saying that the CA18DE intake cam is better than CA16DE cam and a swap is actually not a good idea except for CA18DET? If I have a CA18DE Pulsar and replace the non turbo with a CA18DET and the ECU re-programmed to JWT, I do not have to change the wiring harness just plug the new ECU? If that is the case it would be fairly easy swap, I think. Thanks for the reply boostboy.
Just that easy (at least for you). You will have to alter the harness somewhat, but shouldn't be a problem. Hey Mervic question for you, how fast have you gotten your car on the top end?
Actually I do not have a CA18DE, I have a GA16i. I am just curious coz I am thinking of engine swap (SR20DE/t, CA18DET, SR20VE) and the easiest swap would be the CA18 since the Pulsars was also available with it. BTW, you mentioned a little mod to the harness, what exactly you have to modify? Thanks again boostboy!! :)
WAth exactly would i need to swap a ca18det in my B12...

i will have the engine/tranny/ecu from japan... wath should i be checking for next and wich car to get from ??

Could someone be specific with this ??
Thanks alot ! :)
First of you'll need all the mounts from a 1988-89 nissan pulsar with 1.8 dohc motor. You will need the shifter, you will need the clutch pedal (hydraulic) and resevoir as well as the slave lines. I seriously recommend removing the whole main car harness and possibly the engine harness because most japspec harnesses are all chopped up with an ECU just attached to the motor by an extra string. Make sure if you find a pulsar that you mark all screws/bolts/nuts and at least keep them with their respective parts or you will get lost. It's not hard, but you will find drama at the instrument cluster and I may have to walk you through or even do it for you because you don't get too many chances at this one. I don't know which CA18DET you're getting (Pre or post 1988), but make sure that if it has a tranny you get a good compression test and don't accept no less than 150psi per cylinder and make sure they're even.......Good luck and if you have any more questions, we are here to help.......

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