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i have a pulsar with a ca18. the block is unusable. and i cant find a engine of this type in my country.
i wonder if someone knows if i can put another blok and keep the head?
will the tranny fit again?
i dont care about performance .

give your opinion of what i should do.

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Don't give up, there should be CA18 blocks in Canada.

Other options: CA18DET or CA16DE

There have been a few DOHC heads swapped onto CA20E's but it's not for the faint of heart or beginner.

CA18 transmission will fit all those blocks. CA16DE would require complete bottom end...shorter stroke, smaller bore, and of course the CA16DE timing belt. used to have CA18DE blocks (new) listed in stock but I just checked and they only have CA16DE blocks.

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No, the CA-series is very different from the GA- and E-series. Your best bet is to find another CA18DE; check eBay they have CA18DETs on there all the time. It is probably easier to convert to turbo than just finding an N/A CA18DE out there.

Don't put a CA18DE head on a CA20E block. The connecting rods in the CA20E are notoriously weak (like toothpicks) and are well known to fail. A guy in my town did it for an older Datsun 1200; CA20E block with CA18DE head. He made about three passes at the dragstrip before the rods let loose (this was with new bearings) and he ended up leaving the car at the junkyard.
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