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I started to notice my car handles not as solid as how it used to be. Especially when I drive on freeway. I recently found a few bad suspension bushings, and I think that's one of the main reason causing this problem.

I would like to change all the suspension bushing to make my car run like new. I could probablly go with genuine Nissan parts, or Energy suspension stuff. Does Energy suspension even makes bushing kit for B14s? I know they do for B13s... Or is there better way to go? I know this is something I cannot do at my garage. Is it expensive to get this job done at shop? Please give me some info.


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Hey YOS.

ES does not make a master bushing set for the B14. You can however buy the following items for your B14.

Steering rack bushings
Control arm bushings
Motor mount inserts
Shifter stabilizer bushing
sway bar buishings.

I think you may already have some of these, but that's the bulk of what is available. As for the install you CAN do it in your garage but it takes time and patience. The control arm bushings for instance either require a bushing press or that you cut out the metal sleeve from the stock bushing, it can be a real PITA but it can be done yourself.

Bad Ball Joint

If you've got a bad ball joint, I think you have to buy the whole front control arm assembly for the B14. If you do this, then you get brand new Nissan bushings already on the new piece.

I replaced both of mine a little while ago. They cost me about $125 or so each. Another of the best moves I have made - the car is wonderful to drive now that ALL of the suspension is right.

Try - they are a dealer in Dayton, OH who sells at a discounted rate & ships for free on orders over $100. I've used them 3X now, and they are great to deal with. And very honest about when you will get the parts.

Suckered In

Well, Wes - I guess I've been suckered in by the dealer AGAIN. No, not really. For me and all the suspension problems my SE-R was having right after I bought it - replacing the whole thang seemed to be the right way to go. Now, with the exception of the steering sector (and tie-rod replacement is coming soon, since I got one clunking already) the front end of my car is just like it rolled off the line about 6 yrs. ago.

To me, it was worth the extra money & effort - my SE-R drives SO sweet now. Plus, after about 6K miles on my Falkens - there is no cupping or other visual wear on my tires. So nice not to be eating tires every 10k miles or less.

Thanks for the info - next time I'll know. ;)
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