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1988 3.0L -Bottom Engine Cover Fell Off?

1988 3.0L Pathfinder SE

Well I noticed one day about 3 weeks ago that the bottom cover for my engine compartment was completely gone.

I am thinking I must have hit a large bump or something and it came out - as I didn't do any 'off-roading' or anything of that matter. This is very strange - but the fact of the matter is... it's gone.

So I noticed today that one of my belts is 'ticking' from wear. All my belts are semi-cracked and it was time for a change anyways. What my question is:

I'm guessing having the bottom of the engine open to moisture and debree now letting crap get into my belts and engine? - I go really slow when driving in the rain or puddle so I won't splash water.

I am guessing its pretty important to protect from rocks and moisture by having this cover - So does anyone know where I can get a used one...I've tried eBay and everything... This is such an odd part to be looking for.

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That's called a "skidplate". :)
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