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I have 96 LE. It has heated seats but since about May none of the seats would warm up. I left it alone at that time (summer) because it wasn't critical but as it gets colder here in New York I want this problem to be fixed.

I thought it was the switches on the panel but then I checked voltages on the cable that goes to the seat underneath it and it checked out for both seats. I think... When turned on the switch lights up and voltage is on the seat's connectors leads.

There are 3 leads on that connector for each seat - 1 ground and 2 others (I guess for different levels - high and low heat). So when I turn the heater switch on low - there is a voltage (~13V) between ground and one of the other two leads, with the switch on High there is the same voltage between ground and the third lead. And that's for both seats.

Hard to believe two seat heaters went out at the same time.

I though of bypassing all the swithes and stuff and bring the voltage to the seat from the battery and see if it heats. Would that be safe?

Thank you very much for help.
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