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Bodykits-overall quality

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I am looking at bodykits for my car. I know that Urethane kits are said to be the best at resisting impacts with parking curbs and auto cross cones, but I've read alot about some of the newer fiberglass kits such as those made by VIS and Street Weapon and Andys Autosport. These companys all say that they use either "high quality" or "re-enforced fiberglass". I have heard nothing but good things about the kits made by these companies. I know that older fiberglass kits were prone to cracking or shatering even with the slightest impact (Like when going over dips in a lowered car). So I am kind of concerned about that being a problem, unless thats changed with the newer designs. The only kits I really like are made by those that use fiberglass. (I really like Street Weapons Drift kit)
Just intrested in every ones opinion and experience with diffrent types of kit materials.
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well i had personal experience with the fiberglass that is used.

the new fiberglass is really more flexible and is durable as well.

i sold many VIS kits and alot of people came back very satisfied and pleased with their purchase.

if u want to autocross and stuff dont get a kit you will just be wasting your hard earned money and we dont want you 2 do that now do we?
Not with this car

I'm not planing on auto crossing with this car more show than anything else. If I auto cross it would probably be with a 2 door chassi. No problem though I was just stating what I had heard.
totally understood. i know how peoples worries and concerns.

this is the new age and new technology. Fiberglass are made with more duablity so u dont have to go through the hassle of spending extra cash on urethane.
I bought an Andy's kit and the S#$t didnt fit right!! I went to Andy's and had them personally install them. They stressed it to the point that it cracked. Long story short, I have the kit on the car, but am not pleased at all with it. Fiberglass sucks!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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