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Crashed my Sentra a week ago, posted pics of it and shit. Know this guy who does body work, we got talking... Ended up with an estimate 1,800$ for new front/back panel, new paintjob, and fix all the rust on all 4 door jams.

Boom, I finally the an oppotunity to do as I wish with my car. If it's gonna be in his shop for some weeks it might aswell be worth it.

I just bought a SE-L OEM spoiler for it, wan't to paint the whole car dark charcoal grey (not sure what it is officially called, I see a lot lancers coming in that color though) . Plan on putting silver tint on the back windows, no body kit though, lower it 1" , and put a new mesh grill on the entire front grill/bumper. Thinking about using some black diamond mesh or honeycomb. Saw it on a lancer too and loved it.. (no I'm not trying to make it look like a lancer, simply coincidental)..And am considering shaving the back doors and making them suicide....

Anyone else have any suggestions, or has ever been in this position and wished they had done something before painting their car?
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