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Body Kits

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does anyone have a list of body kit website's besides nopi, I'm sick of looking at the stock crap on my car.
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What side skirts and rear go best with the r34 front? Any other ideas for a pretty aggresive look, but nothing rice?
I'd like to get the GTR kit. I live in pittsburgh for one and also im 16 so its a lil hard getting one..I think im just going to get some se-r sides but i dunno the rear looks to high to me any suggestions?
I like how that looks..
About the 99 bumper..Im not sure what to think of that bumper..Like it looks good but somthings wierd about it..
I might get like a 98 200sx front bumper some se-r side skirts and what about the rear..My 95 bumper just seems so high i want somthing a little bit bigger like the stillen rear valance..
Maybe I should just go with the stillen kit..
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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