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Probably no-one will know what I am talking about, but I saw a bunch of 2001/02 sentras with body kits on this web-site and there was this one red one (without a spoiler) in one of the pictures (and it wasn't a sentra se-R or whatever its called)

Anyways, the red body kit on the red senta looked awesome. Does anyone know what I am talking about, and where I would be able to get that kit?


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Thanks for finding that for me!

I don't want to sound ignorant but do I have to order it off teh web site or are there other places that I can get it?

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Probably you will have to order from them. I use to have theirs front bumper for 96 GXE
I liked theirs quality and all never cracked until my accident.

But did you try to search for any other body kits?

I really like this Neo R33 front end (if I ever put it on my car) from
If I ever put body kit on my car it would be combo of Neo R33 front end and some kind of other rear and side skirts :rolleyes:

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The stillen kit is not the same as the Erubuni kit (

There are a few kits out for the b15.

Stillen has a full body kit.
Stillen has some front spoiler add-ons for the 00+ GXE/XE and 00-01 SE
Erubuni makes 2 kits as you have found
Aeroduo makes a R33 like kit.
West Coast Spoilers makes a full kit as well.

Also I believe there is one more kit that looks like a EVO VII. I forget who makes it but it is god awful ugly anyway.

Head over to and look through the costmetic forum and search on there and you will find pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about those body kits I talked about above.
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