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i installed Q45 brakes on my 91 240sx (non-abs). they work great, but the pedal is really soft and they require extreme care to not lock up. obviously i need to upgrade my master cylinder, but i'm not sure which one to get to obtain the proper feel. i know they make Z32 bmc's in 15/16, 1" and 17/16, so i need to be careful which one i get. iirc the stock one is 7/8 (14/16) and its not that big of an increase, so the 15/16 or 1" is probably what i need. i've heard the 17/16 is only needed if you have full Z32 brakes or better. otherwise its overkill making the brakes difficult to engage. i don't want to have to fabricate lines, so i need a non-abs bmc, but i don't know which ones will fit. i've considered using a Z31 bmc to negate this issue, but i'm not sure of its size or if that's a direct swap either. any help (especially from someone who has solved this same problem) would be appreciated.
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