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The patient is a 2014 Altima SV. I easily connected my iPhone 7 Plus to the bluetooth audio when I purchased this car in 2017. It has worked flawlessly ever since, until... a couple of weeks ago when I found the phone was no longer connected to the car via bluetooth. The car's bluetooth menu shows that there are no devices paired with it. Upon confirming that I would like to add a device the audio system immediately says, audibly, "No PIN Entered." and exits out of the "Add device" menu.

Attempting to fix the issue, I have:
1) Restarted the phone
2) "Forgotten" the bluetooth connection "My Vehicle" on the phone
3) Performed a system reset of the car's audio system (with audio system power off -> hold preset button "1" while turning volume until system menu appears -> initialize system -> power on
* this cleared all the radio presets, but did not fix the bluetooth "No PIN Entered" issue
4) removed battery cables from battery and held the positive and negative cables in contact with one another for > one minute.
* this cleared all the radio presets reset the trip odometers, but did no fix the bluetooth "No PIN Entered" issue

The "No PIN Entered" -> exit from "Add device" menu behavior occurs whether or not there is a discoverable bluetooth device in range. It happens and exits within one second.

I have scoured the internets and have found just one report of this behavior with no resolution reported. I chatted with Nissan on its website; they told me to take it to a dealership. Not while I know there's someone out there who's already fixed this! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or better yet if you know about this problem and how to fix it! Thanks!
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