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Might want to check your coolant as well. Oil and coolant both cross the gasket area coming in and out of the head, if the gasket is blown in the right area oil can mix with the coolant and you'll never know til you check the coolant itself. Especially in Zs, it seems as though the oil pressure is higher than the coolant pressure, so oil will cross into the coolant, but not the other direction. Or if it does, it may not show up. The milky oil theory does not work 100% of the time, in my experience. Only when the coolant exceedes a certain percentage of the oil will it show up as milky; IE a LOT of coolant would have to be in the oil. If your only noticing a small amount of coolant missing, monitor your oil level over a weeks time. If it rises, theres your problem. Also, if it seems a bit thick and sticky, it likely has a low level of coolant in it.
Too, check the heater hoses where they come off the engine and go through the firewall, those hoses are among the most neglected on any car, and usually the first to leak.
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