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Blown Engine...

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I just wanted to get some feedback on the best ideas for this situation. My 1.6 in my 94 Sentra XE cracked the block (aka new engine.) 1st cylinder locked up and cracked the block just above the oil pan. It had 183k miles on it. I have connections to another 1.6 with 145k miles on it. I know that im gonna use that engine, but i have no idea of how well it was taken care of. I don't have the money for an all over rebuild, and i plan on replacing the timing chain before i drop it in mine. What are some other things I should do while i have it sitting on the workbench? Thanks in advance.
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NotAnotherHonda said:
please dont get those bullshit "JDM" motors off ebay...please.

look in junkyards for some motors with WAY less miles on them

for real....u can tell the difference between usdm and jdm motors just by looking at them, but in the case of the link posted on ebay, u cant tell....u might be getting a full usdm motor...whats with the JDM motor craze anyway? do u guys even know what the differences are? i'll tell you....NOTHING besides egr equipment and higher compression(no, this doesnt mean more power :rolleyes: ) , the engine still puts out 115hp to the crank...whooptie doo. when it comes to transmissions however, there IS a difference....usdm ga trannies dont have lsd, some jdm's do..the jdm trannies also have different gearing ratios...
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