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Blown Engine...

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I just wanted to get some feedback on the best ideas for this situation. My 1.6 in my 94 Sentra XE cracked the block (aka new engine.) 1st cylinder locked up and cracked the block just above the oil pan. It had 183k miles on it. I have connections to another 1.6 with 145k miles on it. I know that im gonna use that engine, but i have no idea of how well it was taken care of. I don't have the money for an all over rebuild, and i plan on replacing the timing chain before i drop it in mine. What are some other things I should do while i have it sitting on the workbench? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the input guys. About the engine, i am getting a killer deal, because i work at a body shop (and i'm still in HS, so funds are limited), and another sentra was totaled, so my boss is basically letting me have the car as a parts car, all i have to do is pay to get it legally mine. My car is my daily driver, so right now the only time i get to drive is when i can drive my dad's 350z. So it is pretty definite that i am gonna use the 145k motor, just because of urgency and money. I just need to know common and probably obvious problems about this engine so i can save time and money by fixing it b4 i drop it in mine. Thanks again
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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