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Blown Engine...

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I just wanted to get some feedback on the best ideas for this situation. My 1.6 in my 94 Sentra XE cracked the block (aka new engine.) 1st cylinder locked up and cracked the block just above the oil pan. It had 183k miles on it. I have connections to another 1.6 with 145k miles on it. I know that im gonna use that engine, but i have no idea of how well it was taken care of. I don't have the money for an all over rebuild, and i plan on replacing the timing chain before i drop it in mine. What are some other things I should do while i have it sitting on the workbench? Thanks in advance.
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Definently take the pan off and take one of the main and rod bearing caps off to see what condition the bearings are in if they look good lube them back up with motor oil and you should be good if they are bad or getting scored then you should really think of a rebuild. I too think that 145,000 miles is a little bit since you do not now how well it was cared for look around and see if you can not find a lower milage motor or save up and get a remaned engine or do a rebuild yourself on another.
Just ask yourself a question said:
Damn well put. How desperate are you to get this car running is it your only source of transpo or can it sit for a bit cause if it can just save your nickels and dimes and rebuild one or get a used engine with a decent warranty. Also remember with JDM engines you have to convert all the Engine Control items from your USDM more than likely to include the intake manifold.
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