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I just bought my '89 240. It deosn't run, has some minor rust but I got it for fix up and for only $500. Other than the shop manual and other prelim goddies what do I need to get fired up? I'm fairly mech. inclined but this is different from the v-8 truck I drive for work. Any help would be great!
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Not too much different. All engines need fuel and spark. Start there. Tune-up may be a good first thing.

Have you check for compression first though? To make sure the engine has a chance to run?...
Welcome to NF! Post this in the 240sx section for better answers to your question.
hey, I got a chance to check out some things. I have good spark, a new oil filter, oil, and other fluids, but I found the problem to be the fuel. I need a new fuel pump. That's not the problem. I discovered while under the car on stands that I have lots of rust and the fuel pump bolts are rusted to the tank and the connections for power had so much rust on them I was poping fuses. I'm going to try z car atlanta or just part the whole thing out but I'm already attached to the thing. Any suggestions?
sanding paper, time, and love. I personally would do as little as possible to make it streetable and driveable and then drive it into the ground. If you really like it, buy another cheap one and part one of them out for the other. As far as those bolts, rust can be gotten around with a large can of PB Blaster and some skill. thats what i'd do. best of luck.

Rust on the underbody is never a good thing, and to fix it so it's legal and will pass inspection, you have to scrape everything away from the metal and weld another piece of metal over the rust hole. Mechanic's will usually do this for a fee. Also when in comes down to it, I wouldn't put any money into it if you're gonna run it into the ground, these are nice cars and I'm sure you could find someone that would buy it from you to fix it up, or you could part it out, but don't run it into the ground, either love it and fix it to run really well, or sell it to someone who is willing to drop the cash on it.
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