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Birthday=new mods

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Well now that I'm 26 as of feb 20th i have a lot more new mods that puts my baby(crx) at 130 hp and 140ft/lbs torque,0-60 in 7secs.Not too bad for a 1.5 sohc auto with a passenger and all my tools and clothes packed for the trip to Arkansas.This was measured with my new g-tech,while keeping the rpms at only 4500,my redline is at 7200, now I'm ready to get on the real dyno to pull numbers.
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t56gen3 said:
Mmmmk, Ima ask the obvious question...why the fark would you need downforce on the rear of a FWD car? Not to mention if it was RWD it wouldn't be going fast enough at the 1/4 to generate lift nor would it make enough power to spin the tires at those speeds. It would slow the car down due to wind drag!!! LMMFAO

Remember he did have the Sentra XE-R lmao

J/K Adrian Happy b-day....hope u come to Ennis Fri.
Rathi134 said:
where you going be 7speed? what you gon do when the turbo se-r comes to E-land, sportin them 14s

what car you taking? it better be the classic
Turbo Se-r ......Sporting 14's....running high 14's......haha.

I'm not that interested in running high 15's in the classic but then again a lot of people out there run that or worse.
02SunnyB15 said:
Lol.Thanx bro.
Were you been hidin at Kev?You going to Ennis rite?

Yeah I'll be there. You didn't know I hibernate for the winter. I don't do mods, don't go to meets, don't even hang with my DNE boys.
MrEous said:
Where's my money Kevin!!!
lmao!!! :p
I gave it to Lee so he can be like "Mr Maxx" and get all these mods and still be slow.
tekmode said:
i'll be in something different tonight ;)
Where r u going tonight? Did you sell the Spec?
1 - 5 of 60 Posts
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